Forecasters knew, days in advance, that Saturday, April 14th was shaping up to be a treacherous day for tornado outbreaks in the Plains.  Many areas in Oklahoma and Kansas were placed under a HIGH risk for severe weather and residents were warned of a potentially life-threatening weather situation.  And, as predicted, Mother Nature delivered.  Twisters were everywhere!  But, outside Cherokee, Oklahoma, Ma Nature pulled a rare one-two punch.  Not only did she drop one tornado out of a wall cloud.  She dropped two!  Watch!

Here's another video taken from the same vantage point.  Take a listen as the guys who filmed the storm notice that the second tornado continues to get bigger and bigger and bigger.

And check out this video!  Storm chaser and North Texas weatherman Jason McLaughlin was videotaping the storm and was shocked to find out that he wasn't filming just one big twister.  He was about to witness the birth of a second.

Unfortunately, storms as powerful as this always take a toll.  Communities were destroyed and lives were lost.  5 people were killed in Oklahoma.  29 others were injured.  The day panned out just as forecasters had warned.  There were more than 100 tornadoes in a 24-hour time period Saturday into Sunday.  And, who would ever have believed that two of them would be just hundreds of yards apart?

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