I love Oprah Winfrey! She's a media mogul, a producer, an actress, a pillar of women's empowerment, yet, she's not a fan of drinking water. What do you know? Neither am I.

I'm not shy in revealing I'm at the age where my metabolism is not the best. I could stand to lose a few pounds. Oprah has taken on the huge responsibility of both being a spokeswoman and a shareholder for Weight Watchers. This commercial is in the running to be my all-time favorite.

Bread, carbs, oh my! I have to know what kind of bread can you eat everyday and still lose 30 pounds? I'm amazed. Yet, Oprah admits she doesn't drink as much water as she should. Here's the beverage I'm consuming at the moment.


Okay, you can't see all of it, but it's a 32 oz Diet Mountain Dew. I keep trying to drink more water, but it's difficult. I'm not saying it's difficult to get water, it's free! Water is just so boring sometimes. Don't even tell me to put lemon in it; I don't like lemons. I know there are other flavor enhancers, but if I'm going to truly give drinking water a try, I prefer no flavor. I have friends who drink nothing but water. I can't even. I do know drinking all these carbonated, calorie-filled drinks are hindering my ability to keep weight off.

I know, diet drinks can be just as bad, but for me, who is anti-water almost all the time, it's a start. My sister has been off pop for six weeks! Was I born under a bad sign? By the way, I'm a Libra. I'm supposed to have balance in my life. I figure if I balance some water on one end and a diet pop or two on the other, it might work. Yes, balancing some exercise is on the menu too.

Oprah says she tricks herself into thinking she's drinking water, by drinking tea. Oh shoot, I love sweet tea too!

What do you all suggest I do to work more water into my day, night? Let me know in the Facebook comments! I'm willing to try without getting totally water-logged.

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