How cute is this kid??
Meet Jovi!  This four-month-old from right in here in Daviess County is in the running for a national social media contest and she needs YOUR votes to help her claim the proverbial crown.  Oh, and a pretty lucrative grand prize.
Jovi's mom, Jessie Horsley, was scrolling through her socials a few days ago and saw a fun ad pop up on Facebook.  It was from the Little Miss Beauty Contest, which crowns winners, in a variety of categories, on a monthly basis. Naturally, Jessie thought it would be fun to share Jovi's photo and enter her in the contest. So, she snapped a pic, uploaded it and Jovi's been getting votes since!  As I am writing this story, Jovi is currently sitting in 13th place here in Kentucky in the 0-4 years-old category and she's gotten there on the strength of over 2000 votes.
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 I asked Jessie to share some fun facts about Jovi! She said, "She's our first baby, so we spoil her rotten!"
Jessie Horsley
Jessie Horsley
And Jessie added that Jovi's "the happiest baby and smiles at us constantly." There's no doubt she had that smile working when it came time to snap her photo for Little Miss Beauty.
Among Jovi's favorite things- her Glow Worm and the TV show GooGoo & Gaga!
If you'd like to help Jovi try to claim the $5000 grand prize, you can vote for her by CLICKING HERE!  All you have to do is put in your name and email and you can cast a vote for FREE!   And, added bonus, you can vote every ten minutes.
Setting her apart from the rest of the babies in the contest?  Jessie says that Jovi's "got the longest eye lashes we have ever seen."  Let's see if those eyelashes can win her the title of Little Miss Beauty.

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