The local pizza explosion continues with the news that Columbus, Ohio-based pizza restaurant chain Donato's will open a new location in Owensboro.

Look for it, when it DOES open, on West Parrish Avenue.

I had never heard of Donato's until I saw that billboard. But then I learned that it's actually one of America's first fast casual pizza companies.

That's right.

Donato's has been around since 1963.

The chain's trademark menu item is what's known as the Edge-to-Edge® pizza. And, as you can see, when I said trademark, I meant TRADEMARK.

It features more than 100 pieces of pepperoni.

But that's not all. Donato's offers some 26 different toppings for your pizza creativity enjoyment.

Seriously, what I could do with 26 options for pizza toppings boggles the mind.

Donato's naturally offers delivery, carry-out, and catering services and will open to the public in March of 2017.

The new restaurant, along with new stores in Indiana and Illinois, will be owned by Tristate Pizza LLC.