Emily Mays, from Owensboro, and her family channeled their creativity with TikTok videos.  Talk about social distancing they even included their family in other states.

So the video involves the kids in the family passing off the video to each other.  The kids begin with one activity and then change into a dressed-up version of themselves to which they then throw the video to someone else.  It is super clever and very well thought out.  Here's how Emily said the family was able to create and include everyone;

We separately videoed each kid pretending to do what they’ve enjoyed doing while quarantined. We then got them dressed up fancy for the girls and in their favorite costume for the boys and separately videoed each kiddo again. My sister in law then took each video and put it together on Tiktok. The other 4 kiddos live in Texas, so we thought it would be fun for all the cousins to try and do something together during this time, even if they are miles apart.


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