As the opening line of the song "Ghosbusters" goes . . . "If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call??"  Well, if you live in Josh and Devin Cook's neighborhood, you may want to call them.  Chances are they did it!

Josh and Devin, like so many of us, spent much of Labor Day Weekend reflecting how strange this year has been.  They agreed that needed to do something to "change the vibe."  In Josh's words, "COVID seems to be taking all the fun outta things."  So, he and Devin decided to do something guaranteed to bring some fun back to their neighborhood.

While some folks spent Labor Day celebrating the last official holiday of Summer, the Cooks spent it looking ahead to one of Fall's most beloved (and haunted) holidays.  Yep!  They spent Labor Day decorating their house for Halloween.

The Nightmare Before Labor Day

According to Josh, the decorations were a big hit with his neighbors.  He said, "Several neighbors walked by and said it looks great and it was an awesome idea."   As you can see from the photos above, the fun's not just on the outside.  They carried the theme inside too.

Josh also gives some mad props to his wife, Devin.  He said she worked really hard on making the house scary, festive and fun.  That hard work definitely shows.

So, question.  Is there something strange in YOUR neighborhood?

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