This morning the Owensboro Fire Department  posted an update about the flooding event at Smothers Park in Downtown Owensboro.

The Owensboro Fire Department has been providing updates on the flooding in the city and this morning the outlook doesn't look great for Smothers Park. As water has reached the fountain, it's going to continue to get worse in the days to come. Hopefully the damage won't be extensive.

"The Ohio River was at 49.0 in 1997. Prediction is for a crest at 47.1 on Tuesday. Due to upcoming weather, the prediction holds the water at a level it may not leave Smothers Park for almost a week. Of course this prediction by NOAA is updated daily and subject to change. As for more possible flash flooding, we must watch this mid-week system closely as it develops."


Our news partner, Eyewitness News WEHT WTVW via Jake Boswell provided these morning images.

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