I'm from Owensboro, and here in Owensboro, we know a thing or three about playgrounds. After all, our Lazy Dayz Playground downtown in Smothers Park was named among the best playgrounds in the world back in 2015.

There's nothing like a good playground, especially when the whole family gets involved. And that's what the whole family can do at any of three huge Malibu Jack's INDOOR playgrounds in Kentucky. Yes, when the weather is exemplary like it is today, my mind starts thinking about road trips. Maybe yours does, too.

Spread out across the Commonwealth, Malibu Jack's has locations in Louisville, Lexington, and Ashland that give families HOURS of entertainment. Honestly, they look less like an indoor playground and more like an indoor THEME PARK to me.

See those girls? They are having a BLAST. Be like them...and you can at Malibu Jack's. Here's a walk-through.

That was a pretty heavy focus on the Malibu Jack's arcade games, and that's quite a selection. I gotta tell ya, I am a HUGE fan of those kinds of arcade games, and I haven't been a kid in more than four decades. Here's an overview of Twist 'n' Shout, one of the entertainment complex's most popular attractions. This is Lexington's Malibu Jack's:

The one in Ashland was built inside a dead mall, and it makes me feel weird. A friend of mine used to live in Ashland WAY back in the day, and that mall was very much ALIVE at the time.

So I've learned a few things here. First, in Kentucky, it's not difficult to have outdoor-type fun INSIDE; arcade games are fun at ANY age; and don't stand there and tell me you can't think of anything to do with a dead mall.

Yeah, that last one wasn't the point of this exercise, but I just had to throw it in.

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