I routinely run into my friends from the Owensboro Fire Department at the Kroger locations here in Owensboro. I can't tell you how many times I have gone to the grocery, pulled up and seen a fire truck parked outside the Starlite Drive or Wesleyan Park Plaza location. When you see a fire truck at the grocery, you can rest assured the firefighters are inside getting what they need to cook up a mess of somethin' at the firehouse.

Well now, they're going to be sharing some of their favorite recipes with us. I personally am here for this and I have a hunch you're going to be too. Sure, the firefighters at the Owensboro Fire Department are experts at extinguishing fires, but they know their way around a flame on a gas stove too and they're about the prove it.

On Monday, the Owensboro Fire Department announced that they're launching a Facebook series called "Food on Fire!"  They broke that exciting news with this post . . .

Lots of folks, including the City of Owensboro, shared the news and we're excited about it too.

The very first episode of "Food on Fire" is published on Tuesday, August 15th. While they didn't share any hints about the first recipe they planned to share, the anticipation built quickly.

Holly Kuegel Murphy saw the Facebook announcement and commented, "This is exciting!"  Even the GreenRiver Firefighters shared the OFD post on their own Facebook page.

On Tuesday afternoon, the first episode dropped!

If you'd like to follow the Owensboro Fire Department on Facebook, CLICK HERE!


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