Sunday morning, I got up really early and decided to go biking on the Greenbelt.  It was pretty cool outside, so I got my earbuds, set my phone to my favorite 80s station and knocked down about 25 miles to the sounds of Berlin, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Tina Turner, Van Halen and more.  Not kidding.  I got on the Greenbelt over at Shifley Park and rode all the way to Lake Forest on Hwy 54 and back.  I love every single mile and minute of the ride.  It was THE most relaxing thing I did last week.

Well, once I got over to the part of the Greenbelt behind the Owensboro Country Club, the trail started to get pretty crowded.  It seems a lot of other folks had the same Sunday morning idea. There were lots of other runners, walkers and cyclists.  And I have to be honest.  A couple of times I didn't exactly know what to do when I rode up on them.

A couple of walkers were walking side-by-side, so it was impossible to ride around them without going off the trail.  There was one cyclist riding alongside a runner.  I guess he was the pace car.  It was impossible to pass by them, so I rode off into the grass to get around.  And, a couple of times, I rode up behind some leisurely walkers and wasn't sure how far in advance and how loudly I needed to announce my approach.  I didn't want to scare the holy crap out of them, but I didn't want to ride my bike up their butts either.

Luckily, finally, I rode by a sign which featured some important (and much-needed) Trail Etiquette.  I hopped off the bike and read over it and thought the info on the board was worth sharing here.  I found this info useful.  I hope you will too.

Some Important Courtesy Rules for the Greenbelt in Owensboro

Have you ever walked or biked along the Greenbelt in Owensboro? This time of the year, because it's getting cooler outside, the trails can get very crowded. Here are some important courtesy reminders and trail etiquette rules.
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The Adkisson Greenbelt is a 15-mile long trail that connects Owensboro neighborhoods, business districts, schools and parks.

Owensboro Parks and Recreation
Owensboro Parks and Recreation

To learn more about the Greenbelt, CLICK HERE!

I hope to see you on the trail.  If we cross paths, please don't make fun of my bicycle helmet.  LOL!  Some heads are made for helmets.  Some, like mine, are not.  You know what??  Come to think of it.  Maybe I should add "No making fun of Chad's big fat head" to the official rules of etiquette.


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