The west side of Owensboro is about to lose a locally owned and operated hardware store staple. A big sale is underway as doors are closing in a couple of weeks.

Whether you needed plumbing supplies or paint. Flowers, toilets, power tools or light bulbs, you knew you could get everything you needed to improve your home at this local hardware store. If you live on the west side of Owensboro, you also knew you could depend on the great service, selection and pricing at Rampstop on Sherm Rd.

I had a chance to talk to Tim, the owner of Ramstop, and he just felt like the time was right. They started the business in 2005 as a tow boat supplier and will continue that aspect of their business.

Everything is 30% off right now, so if you need anything for your home, now is the time to buy. A perfect sale for contractors, business owners and property owners! Buy More & Save More too!

Rampstop is located at 1739 Scherm Rd. next to IGA.

So sad we're losing a great, local business.

Rampstop via Facebook
Rampstop via Facebook