Carly Pearce is one of the absolute nicest recording artists I have ever met. At the beginning of her career, she stopped by the radio station for a visit and sang her debut release, "Every Little Thing," which would become her first number one song.

Saturday night, she was performing at The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville. And she wasn't alone. In addition to Jordan Reynolds, the co-writer on her song "Should've Known Better," and her keyboardist (whose name I don't have), she asked a young lady to join her onstage.

And THAT would be 14-year-old Owensboro High School freshman Emmi Connor. What a thrill for Emmi. And what a performance.

I love seeing country stars nurture any new talent they encounter. Carly reminds me of Emmylou Harris in that way. Now, in case you're wondering how this came to pass, Carly saw Emmi perform "Should've Known Better" online a few months ago and invited her down to join her. How awesome is that? Here's the video:

A big thanks to my friend Sarah Russell for sharing this with me.

You know, The Listening Room Cafe is one of SO many cool little performance clubs sprinkled all over downtown Nashville and is EXACTLY what Music City is all about.

And Emmi's experience AT The Listening Room is ALSO what Nashville is all about--having a dream and taking all the necessary steps to make it happen.

Oh, and performing onstage with a country music artist with a couple of chart-toppers under her belt ain't bad, either.



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