Wendesday night, my friend Bj Emmick posted this on Facebook, "Go to Ebay and type in Owensboro Hotels and Motels."  I replied, "Not sure where this is heading, but I can't wait."  And, well, I should have known.  Yep!  The Tower Inn, formerly the impressive landmark Gabe's Tower, is an item up for bid on the world's largest auction site.  And the asking price . . . $150,000!!!  I'm sorry.  I just coughed and choked . . . and NOT because I have a hernia.  $150,000???  A "Buy It Now" price of a quarter of a million dollars??  I hate to rain on the parade and sound like Pessimistic Polly, but WHO is going to pay THAT for THIS?

(Image from Ebay.com)

But, heck.  Maybe we'll get lucky.  You know, Diamond Lake Campground and Resort was sold on Ebay and a quartet from California, led by my good buddy Brian Smith,  bought it.  And, today, Diamond Lake is revitalized and once again a popular stop for campers, theatre-lovers, go-karters and grillers and chillers!  Maybe, just maybe, there's somebody out there with the pocket change and the vision to make Gabe's Tower the beacon of  Owensboro, instead of its eye sore!

You know what?  Let's roll the dice and see what happens.  If you'd like to place a bid, CLICK HERE!