There are things in life you just get used to. The sun will rise in the morning. SOMEBODY will get angry on social media. And Country Ham Restaurant is right there on U.S. 60.

Longstanding Owensboro/Daviess County Restaurant Closing

Those are just three examples; I know there are many more. But yes, since I have been on this big blue marble, Country Ham has been there to figuratively wave hello and wish me a safe journey to Henderson. I now know, however, that that "responsibility" will fall onto something else after reading this:

I'm making this post today with a heavy heart. After 74 years this will be The Country Ham's last week. Our last day will be Sunday 8-13. Business has just not been the same since Covid and with the never-ending rise in food costs, it's been a losing battle. I've had The Country Ham for 14 years and met many wonderful people. Please continue to support small businesses. They need you now more than ever. Thank you everyone for all the support you have given us through the years.


As you can see in the Comments section, this Daviess County staple will be sorely missed, and I can totally understand. Talk about a wonderfully, warm inviting atmosphere. Country Ham offered that to spare, and the good old home cooking sealed the deal.

Several years ago, we visited Country Ham and added it to the Tri-State Bucket List, meaning we believe it's one of those excellent local restaurants you have to try. That's what the Bucket List is all about--spotlighting local businesses. We had a great time.

Yes, for a restaurant called "Country Ham," I found it amusing that the specialty of the house is fish. And the restaurant's Facebook page also touts its spaghetti.

If you want to wish them a fond farewell in person, make sure you get there by Sunday, August 13th. Sadly, that will be their last day in operation.

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