He grew up at Goldie's watching his grandma belt out some of the biggest hits of country music.  So, it's no wonder that Garrett Leonard still loves big voices and big personalities.  In fact, his biggest musical obsession, besides Goldie of course, is Celine Dion.  And Garrett got the chance to see his idol in person this week when Celine filmed a segment for Extra!  See, Garrett's living in Los Angeles now and was packing a sign that showed everyone on the West Coast how much this Kentucky boy loves Celine.  WATCH!

Here's Garrett's account of his big day and the hilarious play-by-play of his encounter with Celine . . .

So if you wanted to know what happened- I got to Universal about 3 hours early to see Celine's interview with Extra today. Well- I talked to her stage manager and he said I could only take a pic with her if her security allowed it. She was late getting to the interview and she was already being rushed so there was no time for photos. She's a busy woman and mother- totally get it. So I'm the ONLY PERSON in the crowd with a sign. She looked right at me as soon as she got there and pointed at me and smiled. Almost crapped myself. Started crying- not gunna lie. So she does her interview and I keep yelling "I love you" lol and when she's done (thank the good Lord I went back into my apartment before I left to grab an 8x10 pic of her on the "off-chance" she was signing autographs. She was!! So she skips most people (she can't stay all night) but walked right up to me and recognized me because of my sign and took my picture out of my hands and signed it, handed it back to me, smiled and winked at me. HEART MELTED! So I follow her to her car (no restraining orders yet!!) and she makes eye contact with me once again and smiles and waves goodbye at me. I.could.throw.up.!!!

Yep!  Garrett wanted the elusive autograph and he got it!  LOOK!!


Congratulations, Garrett!  We know big dreams took you to Hollywood and it's nice to know that one of your biggest has already come true!