Have you tried to turn left onto U.S. 60 West from the Bypass recently?  Melissa Bennett Carwile has.  And, in her words, it took "foreverrrrrr!"   Check out the pic she snapped while waiting in line to turn.  This is insane.

Melissa Bennett Carwile/Facebook
Melissa Bennett Carwile/Facebook

Melissa's recent Facebook drew lots of comments from her social media friends, who agree that something needs to be done to fix the problem at that particular intersection.

Crystal Jones: This is why I go in the other way and around the post office. It’s ridiculous!

Krystal Ball: Would it be quicker for you to go down to Worthington Rd and down?

Sydney Mayfield: I agree!! And then when nobody is at the red light, as soon as it turns green, all these random cars come out of the gas station.

Kathy Wright: Lot of different ways to get home but bottom line is they need to fix the problem. I have the same problem at Old Hartford Road and Rairview. Daviess Co School lets out & traffic is backed up Old Hartford Road a mile or more.

Which leads to this question . . . are there other intersections in Owensboro/Daviess County that have this problem and need turn signals too?


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