This morning we chatted about the lengths to which Taylor Swift fans will go to see her in concert. Can you believe after a 4-hour delay due to weather, Swifties still broke a Nissan Stadium record for 70,000 people in attendance? That is some serious dedication!

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It's no secret that tickets to this almost sold-out Eras Tour are on the higher end of the budget, but that is especially so if you use a wheelchair. Apparently, tickets with wheelchair accessibility were not originally available on Ticketmaster.  So, anyone needing certain accommodations has had to look for resale tickets which are even more outrageously priced! $7,800 for two ADA tickets is about double what most people pay.

Our friend, Leah Abell, is a lifelong Swiftie who has a special connection to everyone's favorite pop-country superstar.  Leah's mom, Sara Abell explains, “Taylor’s music has been with Leah through many of her good and traumatic times. She has accompanied Leah into surgeries, been the entertainment for many a dance parties, and Leah’s constant favorite for many many years.”

The epitome of strength, Leah has faced a multitude of challenges the past several years. She was born with cerebral palsy, conquering an array of health issues and a near-death experience. However she perseveres to find her joy. Taylor Swift is a huge part of that! Anyone who knows Leah knows that she is a huge girlie girl and truly "makes the whole place shimmer."

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Leah's mom has luckily found two tickets to Taylor's Cincinnati show at Paycor Stadium, but like I mentioned, they are $2,900 a piece!  Leah and her mom have been thinking of something she may be able to sell to fund the trip, but after lots of encouragement from their friends, they have created a GoFundMe campaign. Lets all scrounge around in our couch cushions and pitch in to help make Leah's dream come true!


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