Thursday, June 21st is National Dump the Pump Day!  And Owensboro Transit System will be offering free bus rides all day!



National Dump the Pump Day encourages folks around the U.S. to leave their cars at home in order to "dump" the gas pumps for the day. And OTS here in Owensboro is inviting you to TRY TRANSIT by offering free bus rides all day long.

This is the thirteenth year for the Dump the Pump event.  It started back in 2006 when gas prices soared to astronomical highs.  The mission of Dump the Pump Day was to encourage Americans to save fuel money by climbing aboard public transportation systems.

If you'd like to "Dump the Pump", Owensboro Transit System begins runs at 6am and concludes runs at 6:50pm!  To see local available bus routes, CLICK HERE!

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