On the first day of...Owensboro Transit System's "12 Days of Christmas" free rides...my true love (bus) gave to me...a ride to Wesleyan Park Plaza.

Maybe. Maybe it's somewhere else.

But on December 10th, Owensboroans, if you need a bus ride to Wesleyan Park Plaza during normal hours of operation, Owensboro Transit System has gotchu.

That's right. It's time once again for Owensboro Transit System's annual "12 Days of Christmas" and it will begin on December 10th and run through December 23rd.

If you find the math a little odd, we're talking about the last 12 OPERATING days for OTS before Christmas.

The buses don't run on Sunday.

But what an invaluable service for Owensboroans, right?

Those normal operating hours are Monday through Friday from 6AM to 7:35PM and Saturdays from 7:45AM to 4:15PM.

Owensboro Transit System will be closed December 24th and 25th but not before they deliver a mighty generous gift to the city.

Thanks for the free rides, OTS, and merry Christmas.

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