In my family, photography goes WAY back. Most of the ones in question were not professional photographers, but some were--like my great-grandfather and my maternal grandparents. We've all always loved taking pictures.

I mean, you would not BELIEVE how many photos we have discovered over the years in drawers, old chests, boxes in the attic. My sister has taken possession of my mother's hope chest since she went into a nursing facility and in the bottom of it, there's a cool old picture of a couple from the 1920s and we just don't recognize them. I wish I had it to show you.

But I actually LIVE for discoveries like that. There's so much tell-tale history in old photographs. Seriously, you can sometimes find little clues and go from there. Ancestral detective work is one of my favorite things.

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Recently, Owensboro's Marcia Embry discovered a collection of pictures in her garage and doesn't recognize them.

I'm no expert, but I agree that we're talking early 1900s here' and specifically between, I'd say 1915 and 1930, based on the clothing.

They're amazing, aren't they?

And I love Adam Paris' comment:

"For your home, here's some residents going back a ways....

2007-2016 - Gale & Faye Aldridge
1976-2007 - Harold & Olive Westerfield
1975 - Del Harley
1974 - Vacant
1973 - Joseph Gregory Ebelhar III
1970 - James W Lee (Lee family owned the home)
1960s - Irene A Lee (mother of James W Lee)
1959 - WV Mohon
1958 - George L Wiles/Brenda Lee (listed this address for both of them, married)

Here's a start."

Adam is the administrator of a wonderful private Facebook page called History of Owensboro and, like the late Joe Ford used to be when you'd find a weird creature lurking about, Adam's kind of a go-to guy for local HISTORY inquiries.

So do you recognize any of these beautiful photos? I'm anxious to learn their origin.

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