Last week, the boys stepped to the plate during Hollywood Week on American Idol.  When the smoke cleared, just  28 of them remained, including former WBKR Battle for the Big O finalist Paul Jolley.  Now, tonight, all the girls who made it through Idol's initial audition rounds arrive for the dreaded Hollywood week.  Among them, Owensboro's Jenny Beth Willis.  Can she survive the drama and make the Top 40?

So far, Jenny Beth has only gotten a snippet of screen time.  During the Baton Rouge auditions, she was shown in a fleeting group shot taken in the contestant holding room.  But tonight may be a different story.  We have our fingers crossed that we'll get to see Jenny Beth on the show and, more importantly, hear her belt it out for Mariah, Nicki, Keith and Randy!

For Jenny Beth, her Idol journey to Hollywood has been a wild and crazy ride so far.  In fact,  here's what she had to say after getting her Golden Ticket in Baton Rouge.

As crazy as the ride has been to this point, it is about to get even crazier.  Hollywood week brings big voices, big drama and big cuts.  Let's hope Jenny Beth survives!

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