On Memorial Day, I was rolling through the drive thru at Tropical Smoothie Cafe and noticed some new signs in place close to where Escape Today used to be here in Owensboro.  The sign said "Par 3 Indoor Golf Coming Soon."  So, I reached out to the owners to get the scoop.  Here's what I learned.

Par 3 is not an indoor miniature golf course.  Those of you who were in Owensboro in the late 80s might remember The Masters?  It was a huge indoor miniature golf course on Salem Drive here in town.  I can't tell you how many Friday nights I spent there when I was a freshman and sophomore in high school.  It was awesome.

However, Par 3 will not resemble that.  In fact, it isn't miniature golf at all.

Instead, Par 3 will feature three golf simulator bays and allows you to come in a play, virtually, on almost any golf course in the world.  You can literally play some of the most beautiful courses in the world and literally never leave Owensboro to do it.  Plus, you can play nine holes or eighteen or whatever you want. You can play where you want, when and as often as you want.

Par 3 is going to be perfect for practice, fun date nights, company outings and more.

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Yesterday, I was able to chat with Adam Blake, who co-owns Par 3 with Aaron Coomes, Brandon Hawkins, Brian Swihart and Troy Dant.  The guys hope to open Par 3 by October 1st, but the official grand opening has not yet been set.  But it's certainly on the way.  Like the sign says, it's "Coming soon!"

While the hours of operation are to be determined, the team is thinking of being open from 11am to 8pm Monday through Wednesday, then from 11am to 10pm Thursday through Sunday.  Of course, these hours are subject to change once Par 3 opens its doors and its virtual courses and greens to the public,

Par 3 will be located at 527 Emory Drive in Owensboro, directly behind Tropical Smoothie Cafe.  By the way, Par 3 plans to serve beer and food as well.

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