To quote Caroline Flack "In a world where you can be anything, be kind."  Parents teaching your children kindness and exception is the most important thing you can do.


Angel here and this weekend Joe and I took Charlotte and Tuck to the pool. Charlotte was super excited because last weekend she had played with a little girl the whole day and couldn't wait to see her again.  Unfortunately, when we got to the pool the little girl was there but she had brought friends and wanted nothing to do with Charlotte.  I watched as Charlotte followed the girls around wanting so desperately to be included.  I could feel my throat burn and tears fill my eyes as her sweet little body sunk when she was left alone.  I went through this with my boys but watching it happen to Charlotte was even worse.  Little girls are ruthless and I can't understand why.


Joe and I know all too well what it is like not to be included.  We both moved around a lot as kids and it was hard for us to make friends.  As adults, we seek to make sure everyone feels loved and we instill this in our kids.  When Charlotte began preschool we told her to play with different kids each day and to make sure and always be kind to everyone.  She seeks out other children and makes sure everyone feels loved.

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As we were driving home from the pool Charlotte said "why didn't they want to play with me" all I could think to say was "Honey some kids just aren't nice."  As harsh as that may sound it's true.  Some kids aren't taught kindness and other kids model what they see at home.


Parents before you teach your children to write their name or throw a ball teach them kindness.  Before they learn to ride a bike or count to ten show them how to extend love to others.  Above all else let them know not everyone is the same and that is what makes us each so darn amazing.


Our home will always have room for one more girl at the slumber party.  We will always move over to add another chair.  We will not teach cliques or tribes.  We will celebrate differences.  We will show love.

Praying all parents reading this can share with others and pass along kindness and love to their children.

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