It used to be weekly, but I think it's back to monthly, now. I'm referring to folks mentioning how much they miss the Executive Inn Rivermont.

I know I still miss it, but I also know ( least feel fairly certain) that a venue like that isn't happening again in downtown Owensboro. And yes, I call it a venue because, for many Owensboroans, it was less a hotel--even though it was a FINE hotel in its heyday--than a place to see great concerts. And the Executive Inn Rivermont Showroom Lounge hosted a lot of them, and that's an understatement.

The Demolition of Owensboro's Executive Inn

It's hard to believe that more than 15 years have passed since the "Big E" was demolished, and, of course, that massive and massively SAD event drew quite a crowd.

Down came the locally iconic hotel and, with it, came some wonderful memories of those aforementioned concerts, Christmas parties, all-nigh poker parties (yes indeed), and our remote WBKR studio in the lobby.

Fortunately, a quick thinker posted a retrospective, letting everyone remember the hotel in its better days.

The Executive Inn Demolition Featured on TLC

But, you know something? The Executive Inn demolition resonated beyond the borders of Daviess County and became part of an episode of a TLC series from the late 2000s. I had absolutely no idea this existed.

It was a series called Imploders and it ran during the 2009-2010 season. Focusing on a family of demolition experts--TLC can find 'em, can't they--the series featured, well, demolitions, and LOTS of them. One of those demolitions was of the Executive Inn, and it was featured on one of the episodes. Honestly, I just learned about this today. Now this is the ENTIRE hour-long episode. So, unless you just want to watch all of the other demolitions, you can skip to 33:11 for the Executive Inn segment.

You know, I mentioned earlier that I don't hear longing reminiscences about the Big E as frequently as I used to. But all anyone needs to do is bring it up in a conversation or see something about it on social media, and it all starts back up again.

Here's to the Executive Inn Rivermont Showroom Lounge, one of the great show places in western Kentucky and one of the best memory makers Owensboro has ever given us.

26 Performers Who Appeared at Owensboro's Executive Inn Showroom Lounge

There's rarely a conversation I have about the Executive Inn that doesn't lead to someone (myself included) wishing it was still here. So many big names and FUTURE big names performed on that Showroom Lounge stage.

Gallery Credit: Dave Spencer

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