We learned today that Bargain Hunt in Owensboro will be closing their doors soon. They have some of the nicest, most hard-working employees. They support Christmas Wish every year because they care about the community. And, they will be missed. Here's what we know.

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It has to be a difficult time for "discount retailers". With the price of goods today, it's hard to keep prices down. Rent continues to go up, which doesn't help either. So many people depend on these stores to save money. Especially, non-profits. Unfortunately, Bargain Hunt isn't going to be with us very much longer.


When I heard the news just moments ago, I was shocked. Bargain Hunt has been an Owensboro discount retailer for many years. I remember when they first came to town there was so much excitement. I've formed a strong bond with the employees throughout the years. I'm on speed dial when there are any discounts for Christmas Wish. That's why I'm sad that their doors will be closed for good on February 2nd, 2024. Right now, they're having a store-wide closing sale. Starting today you can take an additional 20% off (with a few exclusions). I would venture to say there'll be bigger discounts implemented throughout the month.

These employees deserve a look if anyone is hiring!

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