During multiple visits to Chicago, I made sure to devour that which Chicago has done so well for so long -- hot dogs and pizza.

I've been to three different Chicago pizza joints and I give an A+ to every one of them. On one of those same trips, I bought one of the most amazing hot dogs I've ever eaten from a stand on the street in the middle of Windy City. THAT is how you do it.

A longtime lover of frankfurters--along with any and all of its relatives--I can actually remember when we used to have a WIENER KING in Owensboro. It was over on Parrish Avenue. I also enjoyed Carousel, which was a little place in Towne Square Mall. But Chicago dogs took the cake.

Fast Casual Chain Plans Crazy Huge Expansion

And the Chicago-based chain, Portillo's, is mighty proud of its hot dogs. Well, its might proud of EVERYTHING on its menu. But I suspect the hot dogs are what's bringing all the boys AND girls to the yard.

I suppose I shouldn't have done that to myself. Now, I have to beat the bushes and find an amazing hot dog. But first...

Chicago-Based Portillo's Expanding by 920 Locations

Yes, Portillo's--home of world-class hot dogs, beef & sausage sandwiches, burgers, ribs, pasta, and so much more--is expanding beyond the chain's current 70 locations. In fact, the goal is add a staggering 920 more restaurants over the next two decades. And they would be a combination of 800 sit-down places and 120 pick-up or drive-through establishments. There are already a handful of Portillo's locations in Indianapolis.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, here's a bit of a tutorial:

And here's what typically happens when you step up to the counter and place an order:

Portillo's, Please Come to Kentucky

Oh, y'all. I want this now. In fact, I want everything I've just seen, which means quite a few visits before I get everything taken care of from the menu, which is loaded with variety.

You know, if Portillo's plans to add 920 more restaurants, and there are already four in Indy, it's not at all unreasonable to believe we'll get at least one in Kentucky. I'd be up for a drive to Louisville or Lexington for this place.

Heck, I'm up for a three-hour drive to central Indiana, right now. A 100-or-167-mile drive sounds like nothing, by comparison.

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