Today is the day all of us binge-watching fools have been waiting for.  Netflix is releasing the third season of Virgin River.

Angel here and I've told y'all before I am not much into television but this series has sucked me in and I don't even regret it.  Our family didn't get internet until last summer and Virgin River was one of my first discoveries.

If you've never watched Virgin River it is based in the small town of Virgin River where a Los Angeles Nurse Practioner is hired to come to help the town doctor not truly knowing what she is getting herself into.

There is suspense, drama, humor, and intense romance.  The first season was a bit slow getting started but once it did it was all downhill from there and I mean that in a good, bad, ugly, and all the in-between way.

The second season of Virgin River came during the holiday season of 2020.  It seemed to be the perfect way to wrap up a crazy year until I started watching all the events that unfolded.  I obviously won't spoil it for you in case you haven't watched it but let's just say it will leave you in tears gripping the edge of your seat and wanting more Mel and Jack.

This brings us to Season 3.  Of course, the babies are on the way.  We'll find out how things turn out with Jack and Mel and so many more surprises.  I personally want them to end up together.  I love their stories and all they have gone through together and a part.

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