Meet Pumpkin! This adorable guy is recovering from surgery and the entire town of Tell City, Indiana is rallying around him this weekend. Here's what we think happened to him.

Jourdan Turner, who's been a big champion of Pumpkin since he showed up on her mom's block, says they're pretty sure he was hit by a car. The thing is- Pumpkin didn't seem to be a stray. She says, "He didn't seem like an outside cat. He was clean, friendly and he had been neutered."

Pumpkin's injuries from the accident were pretty significant. He had a shattered pelvis, which had to be surgically repaired ASAP. That surgery was just a couple of weeks ago and he's recovering quite well. However, it's clear that Pumpkin, who's about a year old, may not be completely healed. According to Jourdan, he's still limping and, sometimes, he chooses to scoot rather than walk. So, there's a strong likelihood that the little guy's going to need additional treatments and possibly a follow-up surgery.

Jourdan Turner
Jourdan Turner

So, Jourdan, her daughter Harlei, and Harlei's friend, Elizabeth (pictured above) decided to have a Lemonade Stand Fundraiser to raise money for his treatment.  See, earlier in the summer, Harlei asked her mom if she could open a lemonade stand. The goal then was to make some money so she could buy some new games. Jourdan says they just never got around to it because, well, Harlei didn't really need them anway. However, once Harlei decided to adapt the lemonade stand idea to raise money for Pumpkin, she was on board. Oh yeah!  It's happening.  Saturday.

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Here's their flier for the event!

Jourdan Turner
Jourdan Turner

The fundraiser will take place at the home of Tell City Mayor Chris Cail and Bradley DeHart.

Brad says, "She asked if they could open up shop in our yard on the corner because her house doesn't get traffic. Of course, we welcomed them with open arms."

Chris and Brad aren't the only fellow Tell City residents that are rallying behind Pumpkin. In addition to lemonade, Harlei and Elizabeth (both of whom attend Perry Central Elementary) will be serving up some delicious baked goods donated by Julie's Cafe and Just Like Nana's, which is owned and operated by Ashley Stewart-Coultis.

Jourdan is excited about the fundraiser. There's apparently a big public auction on that same block Saturday and they're hoping to get lots of traffic from the folks attending that event.

Pumpkin's Lemonade Stand Fundraiser will begin at 9:30am and will remain open while supplies last.


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