They say a dog is a man's best friend. While that may be true, a billboard in a southern Indiana city has proven to be a best friend for one little dog.

Meet Bean - The Billboard Dog

Bean is a sweet little black and tan pup who found herself at an animal rescue in Posey County, Indiana after the person caring for her gave her away but there's a twist... The person who gave her away wasn't actually Bean's owner. You see, Bean's owner is a member of the United States Military, and he was on deployment when Bean was carelessly given away.


No Luck Locating Bean

Bean's soldier used to live in Tell City, Indiana. Currently, he is stationed at Keefler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi. Since returning from deployment he has been trying to find his beloved Bean but had had no luck...

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A Turn of Luck for Bean and Her Owner

The search for Bean had left the soldier coming up empty-handed. Meanwhile, Bean found herself in the care of NewLife Rescue in Posey County and the rescue regularly shares photos of adoptable dogs on a large LED billboard owned by Stauber Outdoor Signs. It was the billboard located on First Avenue in Evansville, Indiana that happened to flash a photo of Miss Bean at just the same time that a friend of her soldier happened to be driving by.

NewLife Rescue

Transport Secured: Bean is Headed to Biloxi

This is where the story gets good! The friend recognized Bean and contacted her soldier all the way down in Biloxi. After some communication with the rescue, and thanks to the generosity of a wonderful human who has volunteered to transport Bean, this sweet pup is on her way home. On Friday, May 5th Bean will be on her way to her "dad" who will be meeting the transport volunteer halfway.

Talk about a happy tail. A soldier and his dog will be reunited thanks to a chance sighting of a billboard and the wonderful folks in our local animal rescue community. We do love a happy ending! Safe travels, Bean!!!

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