SAVE THIS DATE. This Sunday evening, April 5th at 5pm . . . and WE NEED YOU!  Here at WBKR, we're teaming up with Puzzle Pieces for a Facebook Live event that is going to be incredible if we can get as many people as possible to participate.  It's going to remind each and everyone one of us that we are truly in this together. We need you to round up the family, go live on Facebook, use the hashtags #HappyAtHome #PuzzlePieces and #WBKR and show us how you're staying happy at home.  With your help, we are going to flood social media with your #HappyAtHome videos!

Puzzle Pieces Executive Director Amanda Owen and I chatted on Wednesday and "pieced" this idea together.  Amanda, like so many other folks, is struggling with our coronavirus culture professionally and personally.  In fact, she won't mind me telling you this.  Our conversation was an emotional one.  There was laughter and, yes, there were tears.

That's precisely why Amanda has been inspired to act.  And we want to inspire YOU to act as well.  When you do, you're going to have a greater impact than you can imagine.  You're going to be helping a segment of our population that's having an exceptionally difficult time adjusting to this temporary new normal.

According to Amanda, "For Puzzle Pieces clients and others with intellectual disabilities, that concept is hard to understand. Staying at home is confusing.  It can feel like a punishment just for them and behaviors are more likely to occur.  Our staff wants everyone to stay #HealthyAtHome, but we also want to show our clients that we can be #HappyAtHome."

If you live here in Kentucky, you are aware that Governor Andy Beshear recently challenged all residents in the Commonwealth to stay #HealthyAtHome.  This is our way of taking this a step further.   And we want YOU to take that step with us!
So, this Sunday (April 5th) at 5pm CST, we want you to show up and show out on Facebook.  Go outside on your porch with the family.  Go out in the backyard.  Cheer!  Jump!  Celebrate family, fun and togetherness.  Let's show everyone we can be #HappyAtHome.


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