This is exceptionally exciting and I am thrilled to share the news.  Puzzle Pieces here in Owensboro has been named one of the Top 200 finalists in State Farm's Neighborhood Assist Program.  And starting today, you can cast YOUR vote to try and help them win a grant worth $25,000.

State Farm hosts the Neighborhood Assist program annually and encourages non-profit organizations from around the country to apply.  To do, those agencies must submit causes and initiatives that will make a positive impact in their communities.

There's no doubt that Puzzle Pieces, which strives to promote inclusiveness for the clients it serves, does this.  In addition to its magnificent mission, Puzzle Pieces is known for a variety of benchmarks of and events in our community.  Among them- the annual Lip Sync Battle at the Owensboro Convention Center, the Color Blast 5K and, of course, Live with Jeff, its weekly Facebook live series featuring Puzzle Pieces client (and my Mini-Me) Jeff Rhinerson.

The impact Puzzle Pieces has had and continues to have on our community is undeniable.  And that's why it's so fitting they're a finalist for the Neighborhood Assist grant.  They are the epitome of "positive impact."

So, let's rally the troops.

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Voting gets underway today (August 18) and runs through August 27.  To be eligible to vote, you must be a U.S. resident who is 18 or older.  You must also have a valid email address.  You can vote for Puzzle Pieces at  40 of the Top 200 finalists are going to receive a $25,000 grant.  We can do this!

By the way, State Farm received 2000 submissions for this year's campaign. Thirty-four states (including Kentucky, obviously) and the District of Columbia are represented by the 2021 finalists.


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