The Random Acts of Kindness movement is catching on like wildfire and spreading throughout the Owensboro-Daviess County community and many surrounding us.

Many of our local schools are encouraging the students to go out and spread kindness to others.  I love what this young lady decided to do!

Desiree Freels

Matthews Table a local church located on 2nd Street in the Munday Center has been encouraging the church to go out and #showlove to others.  They ask that you do it in secret.  I have seen pictures all over social media with #showlove signs.  Our family attends Matthews Table and it is a blessing to watch!

Salvation Army Church members created kindness rocks to share with others.

Brelee Hardison a middle school student at McLean County Middle School asked for money instead of presents on her birthday to help her middle school cheer coaches with medical expenses for her daughter.

Brent Danielle Hardison

Our friend, Heather Howard, shared this;

 This is Mr. Moe and Ms. Melissa who run the cafe at the Health Park! They take such good care of my son Dierks, who loves them something fierce! They go out of their way to love on him and talk to him when we go by likes he’s their very own! They are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. ♥️

I absolutely love this next story:

Leslie Wink writes:

Tonight was Kabreas Daddy Daughter Dance and her father isn’t involved so she had no one to take her. THEN her moms best friends husband shows up with this sign

The world we live in is not always a nice one.  These beautiful acts of kindness set an amazing example for others.  It brings joy to my heart knowing that people are loving on others.  It's that what God has asked us to do~

Let's all spread kindness!