Angel here.  Yesterday I received the sweetest email from a young man asking Chad and I to give his mom a 50th birthday shoutout.  His words brought me to tears and we wanted to share his heart with you-->

 Hello Angel,

My name is Garrett and I have been a long time listener of your and Chad's morning show! I need some help. Tomorrow is my moms 50th birthday and this year I’m stumped on what to get her. So I’m hoping you guys can save the day with a special birthday shoutout to her on air.

Let me tell you a little bit about her. First and foremost she is the greatest human I know. I have never met someone who has sacrificed more. She raised me as a single parent most of my life while furthering her education to eventually become a nurse. There are times when I was little that she went without so I didn’t have to. There are times when she ate less, so I could eat more. She shopped at goodwill and the dollar store for herself so I had clothes just like the other kids. She’s missed countless holidays and events in my life because she dedicates her time to helping others. As a nurse she has touched so many lives and I can’t count the number of times people have thanked me on her behalf. She has always been there for me through the years with a love that has never wavered no matter what I’ve put her through. She is my hero and I thank god every day he chose her to be my mom.

As you can see, she’s pretty great and what better way to start her 50th birthday off than a shoutout from you guys! Your help would mean the world to me!

Thank you so much

Shelley Bullington Shult,z HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Hoping this years is abundantly blessed.

You have certainly done a great job with Garrett.  All parents could only hope to have their child write these words about them!

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