Reba McEntire's holiday traditions may change as the years pass, but one thing that always makes it feel like Christmas for the country icon is spending time with family, particularly her son, Shelby Blackstock. In 2018, McEntire told The Boot and other media that some of her favorite memories of the holiday season are of how excited Shelby used to get opening presents as a child.

"He would open gifts, and I would say, 'Shelby, who's that from?' and he would say, 'Uh, I don't know.' He was like, 3 years old," the singer recalls with a laugh. "And I'd say, 'Shelby, that's from Santa Claus.' And he'd say, 'Oh yeah, I forgot! He's a really good guy.'

"So, watching the excitement of a child opening gifts, that's the best thing about Christmas. Opening presents and watching them. It's so much fun," she adds.

Now that her son is an adult, however, the family has established some new -- and a little more unusual -- holiday traditions.

"Shelby and I, we used to always watch Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve night. Now, we watch Elf and Nacho Libre," McEntire shares. "If you've never seen Nacho Libre, you're probably thinking, 'What on Earth?! That's not a Christmas movie,' but it's a lot of fun! We laugh a lot."

For a busy touring musician who's always on the road, perhaps the greatest Christmas gift of all, however, is a little time to slow down and relax. "We hang out at home a lot more," McEntire explains. "And then, of course, after Christmas, we take off and go on vacation."

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