When I think of situations that just set me off, crazy, the world revolves around me, drivers are one of the things that are top on my list.

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Every morning on my way to work, at least once or twice, I encounter this type of driver. You know the one. The ones who put others in danger. Always racing to be first at an imaginary finish line.

I guess people like that have little regard for their own life or the life of anyone around them. It's so incredibly dangerous to drive recklessly, especially around semi-trucks. These truck drivers don't have the same ability to react quickly in a dangerous situation as a driver of a car or truck. They are carrying very heavy loads that can't be maneuvered very easily.

And yet, I see negligent drivers put truck drivers in dangerous situations all the time. Practically running them off the road to get around or ahead of the trucks.

Video reminder that truckers don't play.

I found a video taken by a semi-truck dash cam back in 2020 that shows the sheer stupidity of some drivers. Here is what the driver of the semi had to say about the scary incident.

Getting cut off happens way too often in merging traffic and ramps. Cars show no regard for safety especially when, more often than not, I haul oversized loads like I was with this video. This occurrence happened in Indiana on the east side of Fort Wayne. The car had every opportunity to fall in line behind me but instead chose to cut off an 80,000lb truck carrying an oversize load. We can’t stop on a dime and I wasn’t about to put my own life in jeopardy by slamming on the brakes and having my load shift.

Watch this very dangerous situation unfold.

Please, the next time you think about racing a truck to an exit ramp or any traffic situation, don't do it. This situation could have very easily hurt the occupants of the car, semi, and those in vehicles around them. But, no one was hurt.

Please drive safe. Be a courteous and defensive driver, not an oblivious and selfish driver.

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