Wanna go to "Happy Halloween Weekends" at Holiday World!  Well, I went Saturday night and had a BLAST!  And, here at WBKR, we are going TRICK OR TREATING on the air to give YOU the chance to win tickets!  To find out how the contest works and how you can get signed up to win, KEEP READING!

WBKR's "Trick or Treat" Contest runs Monday, October 8th through Friday, October 19th.  Three times a day, we'll be calling BKR Bunch members who have signed up for the contest.  Yep, Jaclyn, Dave Spencer, Taunya and I are going "trick or treating" on the phone.  If we call you and say "Trick or treat," you just have to know which "treat" we're looking for!  And, don't worry!  They won't be hard to find.  We'll post a new list of treats each weekday here at WBKR.com!  You get it right!  You get tickets!  And, no, we promise!  That's NO trick!  You really will be going to Holiday World's "Happy Halloween" Weekends!

But, to get a call, you have to be signed up!  So get signed up NOW!

And now that you're signed up, STAY BY THE PHONE!!  If we call you and you don't answer, we'll go "trick or treating" somewhere else!  That would be a bummer, right??  Because Halloween at Holiday World is going to be a blast!!  You can do what I did Saturday and ride The Voyage in the dark!

(image from Facebook)
(image from Facebook)

To get a sneak preview of Happy Halloween Weekends at Holiday World, watch this . . .

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