Perhaps I'm not the one to write this, but then again maybe I am. When it comes to roller coasters, you won't catch me on one of those monstrously tall ones that always gets rave reviews from the folks who cover such things. But they make for great POV television when you watch everything on a small movie-theater-sized "screen". (We shoot a projector onto the north wall.)

The Most Anticipated Roller Coasters of 2024

But as for smaller coasters, I'm on board, and I mean that quite literally. And as I was going over a list of coasters labeled by USA Today as the most anticipated for 2024, I'm mentally checking off the ones I'd like to try.

Right off the bat, Fire in the Hole at Silver Dollar City in Branson MO caught my eye, as it's been described as the theme park's largest-ever investment in a single attraction. Fire in the Hole was already one of Silver Dollar City's most popular rides, and now it's been rebooted for a 2024 premiere.

Six Flags Over Georgia--in the Atlanta suburb of Austell--sees its fair share of traffic from our neck of the woods, and I'm sure there are no-holds-barred thrill-seekers among them who can't wait to "surf the wave" in central Georgia.

Holiday World's Newest Coaster Is Among 2024's Most Anticipated

But here's the one whose inclusion that makes us beam with pride. Holiday World & Splashin' Safari has long found its name on lists such as these because it's always successful at adding attractions that are instantly popular and bring people to southern Indiana in droves. The Legend, the Raven, and the Voyage are all previous award-winners; let's see how the new family coaster--Good Gravy!--fares in the court of public opinion.

A thrill ride that takes passengers right through Grandma Gracie's kitchen is the latest clever addition to Holiday World's Thanksgiving section. And you know, it's a section that could be a separate park on its own. But we don't ever want that. All we want is for Holiday World to keep doing what it's been doing, and that's giving its patrons all-new and groundbreaking adventures every year.

Also, there's never ANYTHING wrong with more "gravy."

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