We asked the question and you answered. In 2018 what restaurant would YOU most LOVE to see come to Owensboro? Here's the results!

Barb Birgy
Barb Birgy

Coming in at the #1 Spot - Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

Since 1969 Red Robin has opened close to 600 stores so why not Owensboro? It's a popular choice after all! With delicious made to order Burgers and bottomless Steak Fries it's a stop for many when they drive to Evansville or traveling on vacation.

Coming in at #2 (missing by just 2 points) - Taco John's

Since leaving Frederica Street in Owensboro around 30 years ago, everyone has been making noise about wanting those Ole's back and there's been rumors that Taco John's will be making a return. We can only hope that rumor becomes a reality in 2018.

You know you're singing their jingle right now and craving those baby back ribs! Those ribs are delicious, but my go to is a BIG juicy burger with french fries. The entire menu is fantastic so you can't go wrong with anything!

#4 - IHOP

I think the best way to celebrate their 60th Anniversary is to open an IHOP in Owensboro!  I like breakfast any time of the day and when it comes to breakfast IHOP does it right.

There was a theme heard over and over again yesterday. There needs to be a fun place to go for all ages in Owensboro and Dave & Buster's topped that list. Whether you want to watch a sporting event, grab some great food or play some games, Dave & Buster's offers it all!

With more than 250 menu items made from scratch daily, its food like your Momma used to make. We heard you loud and clear and hopefully a Cheesecake Factory will be in our future!

I can't believe I left this off of my list. How about a 17-spice blend for those huge juicy steaks? Their great lunch menu and all of the fixings! Although Owensboro has a lot of steak houses, variety never hurts.

They're a staple when traveling and with over 2,000 locations how can Owensboro not have one? This needs to change in 2018!

Some of you said that Owensboro doesn't need another pizza place. You've never tried Turoni's Pizza then! Whenever I go to Evansville I have to get my Turoni's fix. I think we could make room for one more!

And, finally at #10. It was a tie.

When I moved to Owensboro there was a Cicis Pizza and it was a great place for children and adults. That buffet was the bomb! I was actually surprised when it left and more surprised it hasn't come back yet. There's been rumors swirling that one is on the horizon in Owensboro! We can only hope.

I have to admit that I've never eaten at a Whataburger before. I love me some burgers and fries and so I'm actually surprised. After seeing all of your responses, I KNOW I need to try it soon and hopefully I won't have to wait and we'll see one come to Owensboro in 2018!


You guys were great! I learned about some new restaurants that I need to try like Cookout. New Deli's that are only a drive away. Restaurants in Bowling Green that I now have on my radar. So much fun and let's keep the conversation going. From one foodie to the next. Let's EAT!

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