In our darkest hours, it seems inevitable that those with the darkest motives come out of the woodwork to try and scam us.

The coronavirus pandemic has now become a time for those types of people to try and do their dirty work. But we have to be vigilant and make sure we are safe.

Check this out:

It comes from a police department in Maine, but it could really be anywhere.

The Better Business Bureau also warns of other scams designed to relieve you of your money or personal information--scams involving the sale of phony cures or face masks, phony stimulus checks that require jumping through a few hoops, government worker impersonators asking you to take an "online coronavirus test," scams offering phony work-from-home opportunities, and price gouging scams for high-demand items.

Just know that people like this are out there and don't care about you and want your money. Please click here to find out from the BBB how you can protect yourself.

Stay more ways than one.

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