Two days ago, Sabrina VIncent from Muhlenberg County went to the dentist's office to have her wisdom teeth removed.  48 hours later, she is in the national spotlight thanks to her love for Scotty McCreery and the post-surgery video her mother posted on YouTube.  In fact, Sabrina's story is being shared on radio stations around the U.S. today in Jeremy Robinson's Taste of Country News.  Check it out!

And Sabrina's video, in which she, while under the effects of drugs from her wisdom teeth extraction, professes her love for Scotty McCreery, is starting to go viral.  It's had over 2,000 views in just 24 hours and those views are mounting by the hour.  WATCH IT HERE!

But, we are still waiting for Scotty!  We think a "Get Well Soon" card and phone call are in order!  After all, Scotty, you and Sabrina have been dating for two years!  LOL!


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