The one thing lacking on Scotty McCreery‘s debut album, ‘Clear as Day,’ is anything penned by the young star. But with his sophomore project, McCreery hopes to change that.

Just in the past year of being involved with the country music industry after winning ‘American Idol,’ McCreery has already seen a huge difference in the songwriting craft, which has a lot to do with the amazing and talented writers in Nashville.

“I was never a huge writer growing up, but it’s definitely growing,” McCreery tells Taste of Country. “I think now, getting a chance to be around those guys, it’s starting to develop.”

This summer, McCreery’s touring life is as crazy as ever, opening up for Brad Paisley on his Virtual Reality Tour. Quick fix to that? Send songwriters to McCreery! “We’re going to have a songwriting bus go out on some of the dates,” McCreery reveals. “Some of the guys from Nashville will follow us on the road so in our spare time we can write, and [I'll also] find a few days for me to go to Nashville [to write] as well, so I’m excited. It will be the first time for me to have a cut of mine on the album.”

That is unless another song wins him over even stronger. “In the end, I need to let the best song win, whether I write it or somebody else writes it,” says McCreery. “For me, it’s better to be effective than original, you know? I want to effect peoples lives in a positive way and really make an impact on it. Whatever song does that the most, we’ll go with that song.”

Click here for a full list of dates where the Virtual Reality Tour will be stopping, and stay tuned to Taste of Country for our exclusive chat with McCreery!

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