I first visited Cave Hill Cemetery in 2012 when my sister and I drove Mom to Louisville so she could enjoy a "Nostalgia Day."

In the 1950s, she attended U of L Nursing School and her dormitory wasn't very far from the cemetery. It was a special day for her to see old familiar sights, including the Baptist church she attended back then which is still operational today.

While it is a cemetery, it has also become quite a tourist attraction over the years. But the property managers urge visitors to understand it is NOT a park; there are rules to be followed, INCLUDING "no picnics."

We took a drive through Cave Hill Cemetery this weekend and I thought it would be nice to curate a gallery of the photos I took.

The monuments throughout the cemetery are just mind-blowing.

The Beautiful and Mysterious Monuments at Louisville's Cave Hill Cemetery

I don't know if you can call a cemetery a tourist attraction, but for my money, Louisville's Cave Hill Cemetery fits the bill. The monuments are extraordinary. Plus, a couple of icons are buried there.

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