A friend of mine who works at Maple Manor in Greenville messaged me and asked if I would spread the word about sending Christmas cards to its residents.

I think that's a tremendous idea, especially during a pandemic that has prevented families from visiting their loved ones who are currently in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

My mother is also in a nursing home and while we've been able to visit with her from time to time these last nine months since the pandemic began (and always outside with social distancing or through the window), they haven't been very frequent.

It would mean so much to these residents to get these cards so check out the list below and take a gander at the addresses of as many area nursing and assisted living facilities as I could find in the area:

Nursing Facility addresses

It's going to be a tough Christmas all the way around but we can find ways to make it a great holiday season, nonetheless--especially for the most vulnerable among us.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

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