Wednesday is going to be a big day here in Owensboro for area senior citizens.  The Senior Community Center, which has been closed for all practical purposes since the COVID-19 pandemic began last March, is set to officially reopen to the public.
The grand reopening of the facility will begin at 10am on Wednesday, July 7th.  Though the center opened last week for registration and orientation, tomorrow marks the first real "in-person" event at the center in about 16 months.
According to Becky Barnhart, who serves as the the Executive Director of the facility, food will be provided by Morrison's.  There will be live music from popular local pianist Diane Earle.  And, of course, there will be BINGO, with lots of prizes up for grabs.
Becky joined Angel and me on the show today to chat about tomorrow's big welcome back party.

While the Senior Community Center is open to senior citizens who are 60-years-old or older, tomorrow's celebration is open to the public and everyone is invited to come by and check out the facility and the great programs they offer our older population. As Becky notes, there have been some changes made to the building and they're excited for everyone to see them.

The grand reopening celebration is presented by Humana and U.S. Bank.
The Senior Community Center is located at 1650 West Second Street in downtown Owensboro.  To learn more about the center and the variety of resources and programs they have to offer, CLICK HERE!

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