Not only is Shania Twain going to Rock This Country on her comeback tour this summer, but she's also going to rock a new hairdo. The country superstar has traded in her famous brown locks for a shimmering golden look.

So this of course brings up the age old question: Do blondes really have more fun?

"Well, I'm having more fun now than ever," Twain tells Entertainment Tonight, "So yeah, I guess technically you could say that's true, I may never quit being blonde!"

The new look could have something to do with the new sound the 49-year-old is planning for her upcoming album. The project won't just be an update of "Any Man of Mine" of "Honey I'm Home," Twain promises.

"It's so entirely different," she says. "It's better for me to say it right now. That songwriting is just so different.

Change seems to be a recurring theme in Twain's life as of late. In addition to working on a new album and debuting a new look, she's on tour as of June 5 — something she hasn't done in 11 years! And in Twain's words, “It’s just gonna be a real, kickin’ hard-hitting, fun party show!"

There's no word on an exact date new music will be available for Shania Twain's patient fans, but it is her hope to get at least a single out before she turns 50 on Aug. 28. She will be playing in Canada through the rest of June, but will return stateside to play shows through October.

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