Raise your hand if you've ever eaten at a Slim Chickens? If you have, it's entirely possible that hand of yours is going to be holding a ridiculously good chicken tender in it. If you're hand isn't raised, just prep yourself, my little birdies. You're gonna wanna flap those wings, get to a city that has one and wrap those beaks around some chicken.

I just had Slim Chickens for the first time last month. I was emceeing Traditions Night and Topper Fest at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. Well, fun fact! Slim Chickens, which I had never heard of until that night, catered the VIP tent at Topper Fest and this little rooster started squawking as soon as I got a delicious whiff of it.

You may not have heard of Slim Chickens either. So check this out!

Now, back to me. After I hosted the Traditions Night pep rally for incoming freshmen inside Diddle Arena, I rolled on out to the quad area to get ready to host Topper Fest!  But, I was treated to some delicious Slim Chickens first in the aforementioned VIP tent.

I had chicken tenders (that were friggin' awesome), some mac 'n' cheese that I wanted to roll around naked in and a brownie that I wanted to motorboat. I was hooked!

I talked to the woman who was working the catering that evening and she filled me in on a bit of Slim Chickens history.  The first location opened back in 2003 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and the chain has been growing since.

There are currently five locations here in Kentucky. Two of them are in Bowling Green, which is precisely 70 miles south of Owensboro. Kevin and I just ate there earlier this week when we went to pick up our new vehicle. It was my first meal since enduring my colonoscopy prep on Sunday and I couldn't shove those chicken fingers and French fries in my mouth fast enough.

Those Bowling Green locations, by the way, are 1851 Scottsville Road (the one we where dined).

The other Bowling Green location is 2899 Nashville Road, just down from Lost River Cave.

The other Kentucky locations are in Ashland, Somerset and Pikeville. Uh, excuse me. Where's Owensboro?

Uh, and since we're on that subject. Why aren't there any Slim Chickens locations in Indiana? People, we're missing some prime opportunities to expand this chicken coop and we need to now.

If you want to learn more about Slim Chickens and you want to drool over the menu, PECK AROUND HERE! I'll just go ahead and throw this out for your consideration. They have Chicken & Waffles and they serve desserts in jars.

Need I say more?

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