Let's face it. There are few things more adorable, more wholesome, and more stress-reducing than baby animals. About the only thing better than watching baby animals is cuddling baby animals and one Southern Indiana farm will let you do just that with their "Baby Goat Experience."

Located in Scottsburg, Indiana there is a family-owned farm that prides itself on its herd of Alpine Dairy Goats. These goats are milked twice a day and that raw milk is then used to make natural, skin-friendly soaps. That farm is called Goat Milk Stuff Farm and their motto is, "Work Hard. Get Dirty. Use good Soap."

There are a number of benefits to using a goat-milk soap, including the lack of harsh chemicals that can dry your skin and impair your lipid barrier - the protective layer formed by your skin to help keep things like bacteria and viruses from being able to penetrate the surface of the skin.

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Not only will you find natural, skin-friendly soaps at Goat Milk Stuff Farm but you'll also find lip balms, deodorants, and more. Plus, you can cuddle baby goats! Goat Milk Stuff Farm offers The Baby Goat Experience. You basically get to cuddle baby goats for 25 minutes... like real, adorable, wholesome, stress-reducing baby goats. The hours are a bit limited - you can't visit them on the weekends to cuddle baby goats but you can visit Monday through Friday between 10 am and 3 pm.

You do need to book your experience in advance and they only book individual groups at a time - so you won't be sharing those baby goat snuggs with strangers. For a party of 1-5 people, it will set you back $50 for that 25 minutes of snuggle time. For 6-10 people, the cost is $100 but before you go be sure you read up on the farm's recommendations before your visit. For example, you're going to need close-toed shoes - no sandals allowed. You also need to wear clothes that you are comfortable getting dirty. To learn more about how to properly prepare to cuddle baby goats and to schedule your cuddle session, visit Goat Milk Stuff Farms website to book. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook too. They share a ton of informational videos about farm life. Goat Milk Stuff Farms is locate at 76 South Lake Road North, Scottsburg, Indiana.

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