After a natural disaster like tornadoes, it leaves scars on the communities affected. Even years after the original trauma, children may still feel troubled. That's why there's a day camp coming to Hopkins County to serve trauma-impacted kids.

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After deadly tornadoes hit Western Kentucky on December 10th, 2021, residents in Bremen, Princeton, Dawson Springs, Central City, and many rural communities across Western Kentucky lost everything from their homes, vehicles, barns, belongings, and even important documents. With great sadness, reports began to emerge that 25 beautiful souls lost their lives after the historically-long tornado tore apart these communities. It was hard to comprehend then how'd they ever begin to rebuild after so much loss at that time. It could still take years to recover from the devastation that the tornado left in its wake. A lot of progress has been made since that day, but there's still more work to be done.


Hopkins County Long Term Recovery Group in Dawson Springs has teamed up with Camp Noah for a fun day camp. Children who lived through disaster trauma may need special attention to recover for many years. The after-effects can be long-lasting. This is where Camp Noah comes in.

Camp Noah celebrates every child as special. In this transformative setting, children are encouraged to face their fears, grieve their losses, identify and share their unique gifts and talents, and plan for an amazing future.

From July 24th through July 28th, 2023, elementary-age children will head to Dunn Missionary Baptist Church, in Dawson Springs for some much-needed fun.

There are many personal ‘storms’ we all face in life. Our goal is to give kids special support and teach them skills they can use to face challenges now and in the future with confidence and hope.,” said Grace Alworth, Camp Noah program manager for Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri.


According to FEMA, there are many ways to help children after a traumatic event.

*Create a stable environment by establishing a regular routine.

*Find ways to be present, connect, spend time together, and have fun.

*Remind children of ways they are staying safe.

*Focus on the positive; identify small successes or strengths.

*Ask children how they are doing and listen to their answers; let them talk when they feel worried but never force them to talk.

*Allow and encourage children to ask questions; explain what happened honestly and clearly.

*Reduce exposure to media images and stories about tornadoes.

*Practice calming exercises together such as breathing or relaxation exercises.

We will never forget December 10th, 2021, and the people that lost so much. We'll continue to pray for you and your families. #kentuckystrong

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