I hate to add to the potential "bug fatigue" you might be feeling after hearing about all the critters that we could be running into more frequently because of 2019's rainfall. But here we go again.

The rain has made snakes more of a "thing" than they typically are.

Well, they're not alone.

Reports from homes in Kentucky indicate that the frequency of other creatures like silverfish, spiders, and millipedes seems to be on the rise.

I know silverfish are destructive. And I know many people hate spiders as much as they do snakes, but they also kill other bugs we don't like. As far as millipedes are concerned, I'm not sure. I haven't had many encounters.

But I bet they'd make for a surprise if I turned a light on and saw one.

WKYT/Lexington spoke with entomologist Tom Myers who said, yep, it's the rain that's causing these insects and arachnids to find their way indoors more often than usual.

The ground gets saturated and they're looking for safety. Oddly enough, the water is their FRIEND as well as their enemy since it tends to make them procreate in higher numbers.

Myers says to make sure your home is as dry as possible and watch out for water collection near those appliances where you'd find water most often.

We're still a ways away from fall, so, good luck.

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