Since I keep with even the most minute of details when it comes to college hoops, I have been well aware of the Kentucky basketball stats over the past decade, John Calipari's first as the head coach of the Wildcats.

Since he hit the ground running in 2010 by coaching UK to an Elite Eight appearance a season after the 'Cats were relegated to the NIT, Calipari has led Kentucky to six more appearances in the regional final round.

There have also been four Final Fours, a title game appearance, and national championship in that span.

That, combined with Calipari's recruiting prowess over the last ten years, was more than enough for The Sporting News to name him Coach of the Decade.

In his time at Kentucky, to this point, no other school has appeared in as many Elite Eights or Final Fours.

In fact, the author of the piece, Mike DeCourcy, says he believes Calipari DEFINED college basketball in the 2010s.

I can totally see that.

HOWEVER, Kentucky fans, while proud of the program's heritage and history, are always mindful of the present.

And right now, UK has lost two games in a row and will face third-ranked Louisville in Rupp Arena Saturday.

Before the season began, that's a game many saw as a tough one but ultimately would end up being a good win for the Wildcats.

But Louisville is very good and some of those same talking heads aren't as sure now.

I say Kentucky can pull off that win in Rupp this weekend.  I thought they played much better in the loss to Ohio State than they did in the loss to Utah.

I also believe Louisville is plenty good enough to snag the Cardinals' first Rupp win in the John Calipari era.

We shall see.

But congrats to John Calipari for the prestigious honor AND for the way he has reshaped college basketball recruiting.

Wildcat fans, though, would probably like to start seeing more 2011 and 2014 style recruiting.

Again, we shall see.

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